Boot Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in recovery mode

Posted on by Kim

power - vol down - vol up

Reboot your tablet into recovery mode, as follows:
  1. Hold 'vol down' and 'power' buttons on tablet
  2. Release 'power' when samsung image is shown
  3. Release 'vol down' when the two icons are shown
  4. Use the 'vol down' to navigate between the icons
  5. Highlight the left icon (box)
  6. Press the 'vol up' to select it and boot into recovery mode

16 Responses to "Boot Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in recovery mode":

Daniel says:

Yes, this works perfectly.

Unknown says:

This works

Raymond Poon says:

I am loading a custom ROM. Where should I put the zip file and in what name? Thanks.

Sandra Chami Kassis says:

Thx!! Works perfectly :)

Athhos says:

Thanks a lot.
Worked like a charm for me.

Unknown says:

This method booted me into "safe mode" not recovery. I'm on the Verizon 4G version of the tablet.

keto says:

Works. But you have to remove USB cable before trying. With USB cable connected, the device simply reboots.

drayzelle says:


drayzelle says:

worked like magic! PERFECT :)

Scott R says:

Thank you Keto. Removing the power source before rebooting was the key that I didn't get from the SamSung help desk.

Unknown says:

This does not work on the T-537A, however, I can get it into download mode another way; but the boot loader is locked - any ideas on that issue?

Cowboy says:

it works perfectly, thanks.

Fisherman says:

Worked fine!!

Roller says:

I had the same problem, and the steps listed above worked for me, BUT
(big BUT!)
When I selected "reboot" from the recovery screen, the tablet shut off and now the steps no longer work.

Now what?

Roller says:

dummy me forgot to check the box to be notified of replies.

I still need an answer, thugh, if anybody knows what I can do.

Unknown says:
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